The Impact of Public Education on a Community by Patrick Capriola

The Impact of Public Education on a Community by Patrick Capriola

We all know that education is not free. It is the citizens of a community that pay for schools through their property tax dollars. The American model of education is community based. As a community, we support our local schools because we value the futures of our young people. We value their hopes, dreams, and abilities to make a difference in the world of tomorrow. We know that our investment in them is an investment in the community that we have built together. Our greatest hope is for our hard work and values to be enjoyed by future generations of our children and grandchildren.

Our investment in education is not just a sentimental one. As communities have grown over time, many residents across America have witnessed the benefits of “free” public education. The prosperity of any community is dependent upon the aptitudes of the people who populate the area. Communities are often labeled as attractive by prospective residents according to the level of performance of local schools. As such, your property values are directly impacted by the quality of your local schools. High performing schools are the foundation for successful communities. A recent study through Yale University found that a child’s school assignment has a substantial impact on the values of homes in the community.

As Americans we have watched our country grow into the world leader it is today through the innovations pioneered by an educated public. Those pioneers wished to live in communities that gave their children the same opportunities they had to pursue their dreams. So as we move forward in support of public education together…Please think about how your community has become successful due in part to the public education system… and the opportunities it has provided so many families.


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