Skills Students Acquire from Arts Education – Patrick Capriola

patrick capriolaThe world is undergoing a change of awareness in education. Once known as STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math is slowly turning into STEAM which includes an A for arts. Proponents of the arts are informing others that this area has a great value to students including learning academic and life skills. More details about students’ arts-acquired skills are below.

  1. Problem Solving: The nature of the arts is often focused on taking something as it is and developing a way to propel it to another state. In order to make a blank canvas into a finished artwork, one must solve a series of problems to create the desired outcome. Students will find that these skills are applicable to any career path.

  2. Confidence: Theater is a great example of a platform that encourages and trains students to be confident. The opportunity to take command of the stage as a student will apply for other presentation obligations as time progresses.

  3. Focus: Ensembles teach concentration and focus. Here students can operate on the crosshairs of listening and contributing. They focus on their part and get to see how that impacts the group as a whole.

  4. Constructive Criticism: In the arts, feedback is vital part of improvement. Students can get used to receiving useful encouragement from observers of their craft.

  5. Collaboration: Teamwork is a common theme in artistic disciplines. Students can practice what it means to work with others toward a common goal.

  6. Non-verbal communication: Theater and dance offer an opportunity to speak to an audience without having to use their words. Understanding this concept will offer reference when non-verbal cues are explored in other avenues.

  7. Creativity: The ability to think beyond typical means is a great skill readily grasped through artistic endeavors. Being about to produce work that is both abstract and literal provides an edge for students involved in artsy disciplines.

Unfortunately, art is not always held in high regard. Budget cuts are always removing this aspect from children’s school days. Art advocates hope administrators can review these benefits before they deprive students a lively learning experience that will also benefit their life to come. For more, visit the Washington Post here:


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