President Obama Appeals to Millennial Youtube Viewers

film-patrick capriolaPresident Obama finds ways to appeal to the millennial demographic by sharing political views via new media. Google, the owners of Youtube teamed up with the White House to bring the voice of President Obama to a sector known to appeal to younger audiences. Youtube creators Hank Green, Glozell Simon, and Bethany Mota gained the special opportunity to interview the president. These stars are some of Youtube’s most popular users. All together, their channels reach 13 million people. Of this number, many of them are not involved with politics. However, the Democratic party has found ways to reach this audience in a simple form of messaging.

Hank Green was the first to interview President Obama. His claim to fame and Youtube reach is 2.4 million viewers. The approach he took in his interview was to ask questions related to those who don’t engage in the news and their thoughts on government. He even phrased his question about the legalization of marijuana in a very sophisticated way. Green stressed that he didn’t smoke but is for legalization and wonders how will the legal side come together. Green even shared the value of ObamaCare with the President by showing a reduced prescription receipt.

The program moved to the next interviewer who was Glozell Simon. Also known as Glozell Green, this comedian is an African American female with arguably the highest reach on Youtube. She addressed the police’s role with community safety by telling the President how she cut the hoods off of all her husband’s sweatshirts out of concern for his well being. She even touched on subjects like gay marriage and Obama’s relationship with Castro. Glozell’s playful yet serious questioning helped the President show his relatable side.

Bethany Mota was the final Youtuber to step up and question the President. At 19 years old, her questions revolved around cyber-bullying, education, and international affairs with countries such as China. Her reach on Youtube is approximately eight million people. Some of her other questions also allowed the President to express the need for young people to attend college.

The session concluded with the three taking a selfie with President Obama. Obama then made the statement, “This is the power of what the Internet is all about…you can create content and there’s not all these barriers to entry…suddenly you get millions of people who are listening to you.”

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