First Lady Advocates Higher Education to Latinos


First Lady, Michelle Obama recently lectured at a conference about the need to uplift Latinos in education. As a way to combat immigration issues, Obama advised that this ethnic group educate their people to tackle such situations without waiting for a change in Congress. She emphasized that in order to feel in control of one’s life, higher education is vital. Anything above high school including an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or other professional degree is imperative. Statistically, Latinos don’t finish high school or tend to graduate with less intent to attend college. Due to the climate of today’s economy, that also means they are less likely to get jobs. Michelle Obama wants young students to know that education is the best way to prepare to take care of their future families.

Another step in making sure education is a priority for Latinos is to encourage homework is done every night. Students should follow their dreams and be sure to act as a role model for those spectators who want to accomplish their goals as well. The First Lady also highlighted LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens, which was the host of the event where she spoke. Felix Tijerina, the former president of The League had an impressive story related to the importance of higher education within the Latino community. During a time where teachers were needed for non-English speaking students, Tijerina didn’t wait for school boards to provide the resources. He hired teachers and paid them himself so that those students could move forward in school and learn English.

Obama has a program called the Reach Higher Initiative, which she also promoted at this event. The aim is to to encourage students to pursue education after high school. This conference was attended by 1,500 people and took place at the New York Hilton Midtown. Read more about this event here:


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