3 Minute Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are quite an event at a particular high school in Manhattan. In response to having many students and only a short time for conferences, teachers must adapt to accomplishing their meetings on a very tight schedule. A New York Times article contains photos of a parent-teacher conference day […] Read more »

Advice for Teachers: Tough Students – Patrick Capriola

Most teachers have had an experience with a student that was particularly challenging. Whether the student didn’t listen to direction or refused to abide by disciplinary measures, teachers had to overcome a tough situation. Happenings like these push the teacher to improve and the results can be impressive, where the […] Read more »

President Obama Appeals to Millennial Youtube Viewers

President Obama finds ways to appeal to the millennial demographic by sharing political views via new media. Google, the owners of Youtube teamed up with the White House to bring the voice of President Obama to a sector known to appeal to younger audiences. Youtube creators Hank Green, Glozell Simon, […] Read more »

Skills Students Acquire from Arts Education – Patrick Capriola

The world is undergoing a change of awareness in education. Once known as STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math is slowly turning into STEAM which includes an A for arts. Proponents of the arts are informing others that this area has a great value to students including learning academic […] Read more »

Women & Degrees: A Cause for Divorce?

Today, in 2014, marriages most commonly exist with equal education between partners. For example, a husband and wife who share the same academic accomplishments are the most popular pairs who previously made the decision to proceed with their wedding vows. The next type of couple most frequently found are the […] Read more »

First Lady Advocates Higher Education to Latinos

First Lady, Michelle Obama recently lectured at a conference about the need to uplift Latinos in education. As a way to combat immigration issues, Obama advised that this ethnic group educate their people to tackle such situations without waiting for a change in Congress. She emphasized that in order to […] Read more »

Founding Father’s on Education’s Principles Patrick Capriola

Founding Fathers on Education’s Principles Patrick Capriola The basis for government’s role in education is noted on pp. 122-124 of the Norton text. Norton highlights the contributions that many of our founding fathers played in establishing the revolutionary idea of a free public education system: Washington to Congress, p. 122: […] Read more »