The Greater Good

Education is not just a career it is a calling. Those who are called to this cause are dedicated to seeing the good in the world and working to bring it about through belief in their students. The career of the educator is not a glamorous one. It does not bring riches or much recognition, but for those who are truly passionate it does bring great reward. The pleasure a teacher experiences when they see a student positively impacted by their influence is their currency. 

We work to help the student believe in themselves. We seek to be the spark that lights the fire of curiosity when the student doesn’t think it is there. We work to inspire their innate creative processes in the hopes they see the greatness in themselves. We stand by them when they fall, we encourage them and we show them the path forward so they learn how to pick themselves up and move on. 

We share their frustrations and work to guide them through their struggles. We are patient as we watch them develop an intellectual identity with which they are proud. The shared experiences we remember are marked by crystallizing moments of clarity where we know they walked out of the room just a little bit more ready for the world from when they walked in. 

Our time with them is short and is but a mere snapshot within the course of their lives. We hope to be significant for all the right reasons, so that they may be better equipped to face adult life as it so quickly approaches. They inspire us to strive to create experiences for them that not only teach them what they need to know, but help them discover a little bit more about themselves and what they can offer to make the world a better place. 

 For those of us that commit to this cause for a full career, it is in the hopes that this generation will raise the bar a little bit higher than the last. We know the road they take to get there will be rife with challenges, but if they stay committed to core values like independence and responsibility we know they will have the tools to stay the course and overcome.


Patrick Capriola, Ed.D.

Dr. Patrick Capriola is a veteran educator specializing in teacher and administrator training and instructional best practices. He has served as a teacher, school administrator, and educational trainer. Over the course of his career he has emphasized the importance of student ownership and independence as the impetus for academic success and character development. His time serving in Florida and Abu Dhabi has taught him the importance of meeting colleagues, students, and parents where they are and working with them however he can in their journey towards growth and intellectual development. .

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